This guide is for presenters creating and submitting shows for the Autumn Leaf Railroad Slideshow.

We are happy to have you as a presenter and are very much looking forward to sharing your work with our guests. To make sure your program plays well the night of the show we have developed this guide to help you finalize your program and give it a polished appearance. There is no requirement to use specific presentation software however certain products like ProShow Gold and FotoMagico provide easy to use tools which enable the creation of professional quality programs.

Following these guidelines will ensure your presentation makes the biggest impression on our audience.

General Show Guidelines

  • Shows will start automatically and not use menus.
  • Shows will start full screen automatically when clicked.
  • Shows will have a 3 second black slide with no music or other sounds at the beginning of the program. From this black slide begin the transition into the show.
  • Shows will have a 3 second black slide with no music or other sounds at the end of the program. This slide must be the final slide in the program.
  • The projector dimensions are 1024 X 768. The projector aspect ratio is 4:3.
  • No random transitions.
  • HD shows will work with the playback PC and projector.
  • Shows may run as a Windows executable (output from ProShow for example).
  • Shows may run using a media format supported by VLC Media Player.
  • Shows may run in other formats. Please contact Robert and Dale for format support confirmation before continuing.

Show Checks

After creating a copy of the show sit down and watch it beginning to end. During this review please check it for the items listed below. If something doesn’t appear correct stop and fix it during this review time.

  • Verify all images appear, all video clips appear, all sounds play as expected, and all sounds that play over other sounds properly reduce the background sound.
  • Verify the audio levels are consistent throughout the program. While watching the program, if you have to change your PC’s volume to either increase or decrease the volume during sound transition this is an indication of inconsistent levels. Correct this by adjusting the sound levels on individual tracks until no volume increase or decrease is required through the show.
  • When playing back the show for these checks do not adjust monitor size to match the 1024 X 768 projector size. It is best to view the show at the native size of the monitor so no image distortion occurs.

Show Delivery

To ensure smooth play back please deliver shows AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior show night.

Name shows using the following naming convention “Your Name – Show Title” (example: John Henry – My Drilling Story)

Show files may delivered by file sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive. After uploading the show to your account on one of these services send an email to Dale Skyllingstad ( notifying him the show is ready for download and provide the link to the show.
Show files may be mailed via U.S Mail to Dale Skyllingstad 4510 N Mullen St. Tacoma, WA 98407. Mailed media will be returned the night of the show or via other arrangement.
Shows may be delivered the day of the show upon request. The playback PC can receive shows on CD, DVD, Secure Digital (SD) Media, or USB Flash Drive. Please arrange day of show delivery with Robert and Dale.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your show for the Autumn Leaf Railroad Slideshow and thank you for sharing your work!